SPC is born from affection and love in our way of doing things in life. The organization, order and design is something that prevails in our day to day. You will always see us do everything with love, and now here also for love.

Life is made to enjoy it and share special moments with who you love the most, and here we try to create those that you can dream of.


My name is Sofía, as a child I was extremely excited at all weddings, I love coordinating and carefully structuring the small details that make up a special moment. I am fascinated by floral decoration, I love decoration and design... I am passionate about everything that is done with love and manages to surprise another person.

At SPC I love discovering the enthusiasm with which each couple arrives, all so different and special, each date is a new challenge for me and no two special days are ever the same. In SPC's day-to-day life, I am usually moved by everything that this adventure can give me, I put in a lot of effort and it rewards me to see all that work reflected in all our partners. I take great care of the couples who trust us and we also have a series of experiences for them during the previous months that we only offer exclusively at SPC together with some of our suppliers.

We make them reach the big day happy and enjoying the process, as much as they do me when they choose us.